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We’re ecstatic to bring you our first issue of Hypnotics Magazine. Welcome! There are three chapters awaiting you brimming with incredible talent and insightful wisdom from some of our favourites. Since we’re indoors for the time being, Hypnotics Magazine is being released online only and has been curated entirely in isolation from our homes in Sydney. Massive love and thanks to all the artists, musicians and features for their amazing work and support! Even though the theme may be isolation, it’s times like these when we come closer together as a community. Much love, enjoy and see you next issue!

Iz and Teegz xx

A showcase of work and interviews in isolation with Illustrator Pan Durvey, Photographer Doran Brewer and more...

Socially distant discussions with psychedelic four piece Hibiscus Biscuit, Sydney rapper Keggles MC and more…

Hand made lingerie, Sydney sex worker discusses the transition to isolation, your guide to podcasts and more…


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